Creating clothes that last and are passed on from generation to generation is the philosophy of Petite Corto. Because of their quality but also their timelessness, these pieces have beautiful stories to live.

In order to accompany you and to become an actor of a fashion always more benevolent and responsible, we created SECONDE VIE.

SECOND LIFE is the opportunity to recycle each piece purchased, to resell it here and to let other children benefit from it.

One more step towards a more united and responsible economy. Recycle, do not waste and give the choice to other families to enjoy these nuggets at lower cost.

Each garment has a story and together we have the possibility that it never ends.

flowered baby bloomer made in France
Harmony jacket for babies and children in velvet, made in France.


Terms of trade-in:

Your garment must be clean and without tears, holes or missing elements (buttons, labels, scratches)

We will proceed to a thorough cleaning and control to guarantee the best quality before putting it on sale.

Second Life, how does it work?

You wish to resell one of your pieces Petite Corto :

  • Write us an email at the following address: . Specify in the subject of the mail, the order number / SECOND LIFE
  • We will answer you within 48 hours, and in this mail you will find the shipping slip for your return and a voucher to use on our site. The shipping costs will be at our charge.
  • Send your package by inserting the confirmation of our email.
  • Upon receipt of your package, we will activate your voucher and you will be able to shop on . No need to wait for your products to be sold!
  • We will put your piece on sale, in the Second Life category, and families will be able to acquire your item at a lower cost.

At what price can I resell my item?

Each item will be redeemed at 30% of the original price.

Let's take the example of the Cameo coat:

Original price : 130€.

Value of the voucher you will get: 40€.

Only bloomers and booties for newborns will be excluded from resale for hygiene reasons.

Retro velvet hooded coat for kids

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