Petite Corto clothing line made in France
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We change our mind, we change clothes, we change places. And sometimes we choose to change something even more important: life. This is the choice I made. From Gaelle Bon, Parisian stylist always on the run to keep up with the frenetic pace of the fashion world, in Gaelle Bon, Corto's mother, happy to be able to choose my own pace and to respect values in which I have always believed.
Retro baby look made in France
Gaelle bon and her grandmother

Aunts & Grandmothers

I don't do it all by myself. I have built true and deep bonds with those who share my vision and my ideals. I collaborate with an atelier of young women - I call them Corto's aunts - who are clothing designers too. They created their space to support young creatives and help them to produce their own collections with sustainable and humane dynamics. I also have on my side some grandmothers, the first creators of the circular economy, to whom I entrusted the creation of knitted or crocheted garments. I like the idea of working hands passing on knowledge and love.

Dad Manuele

Photographer, always. With a rare eye, attentive to what a quick glance often cannot grasp. Until it was time for him to rethink everything, to manage time in a different way, to experience space at a different pace. The birth of Corto was the spark that gave new and strong life to a fire that had perhaps been dormant for some time. A new way of doing fashion, a different speed, a different approach. The shots you see here are the result of a change of perspective, of priority, of will.
Manuele Geromini and Corto
Manuele Geromini and Corto

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