I have always liked the alternatives, the roads less obvious, the glimpses that must be found. Petite Corto is the right alternative for those who do not believe in disposable, for those who know the value of hand-made garments designed with love, for those who prefer quality to quantity. Corto is my son's name and I started designing and making clothes for him, to allow him to play and to explore. Garments designed to jump in puddles, climb trees and in swinging. Because beautiful and well made also means comfortable and resilient. Children's clothes without constraints, because the beauty of being a child is being able to explore and to change. And to be free, really.


(France, my land. Nature, my inspiration.) Moving from Paris to a small town. My home town. It happened naturally. And it is a privilege to be able to look around and discover beauty everywhere. In the veins of the leaves, in the lightness of the petals, in the strength of the bark of a tree. Nature insights are infinite. They simply require the time and the desire to seize them. And the will to protect and respect it, choosing the right fibers for my creations. I will never tire of saying how much the commitment of each of us is important to protect and preserve the environment. Choose natural fabrics for our children's clothes it means bringing them closer to a world of values and attention to what surrounds us. Exactly what I try to do every day, with my son and with Petite Corto clothings.
Bee (illustration)
Gaelle Bon and corto , the creator of Petite corto
Gaelle Bon the creator of petite corto


When I decided to create my brand, Petite Corto, I committed to stay close to my family. I decided to leave behind the constraints, of time and space, and to work with people close to my understanding; an extended family, sharing the same ideals and goals. Children's clothing, this is what I do. With a sense of responsibility that I feel strong, towards those who wear my creations and towards the planet. This is why I choose only natural fibers made in France, in Italy, and in Spain. A great goal for which each of us can give their own contribution, above all, educating our children on the importance of the choices they make and the ones we make for them.
Mixed baby coat made in France
Orange blossom (illustration)


The quality and timelessness of the Petite Corto wardrobe is easily passed on from generation to generation. With SECOND LIFE, Petite Corto encourages families to become actors of a more responsible fashion. We give you the opportunity to give a second life to clothes that have become too small and to participate in the circular economy by reselling them here. Together we create a future with less waste, and an impulse of solidarity by offering other families the possibility to wear our collections at low prices.

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